Nature is beautiful but it’s not…flat. NIRI grips are designed to help absorbing painful vibrations caused by riding on rough surfaces, without affecting the feeling you get from the terrain you are on.

How it works

A personalized design is printed on demand. Every grip is made on your specifications with custom stiffness.

The additive manufacturing part is the real innovation of NIRI grips, capable of absorbing vibrations without feeling too soft and loosing feedback from what you are riding on.

Every grip is overmolded casting a rubber-like polyurethane to guarantee excellent grip in every situation.

niri grip bici


The plastic material used to create the core is able to vary its shape very quickly and thus absorbing high frequency vibrations with unaltered efficiency

 Unlike conventional bike grips, the rubber-like coating has the only function of ensuring a firm grip making NIRI grips very light, weighing about 49 grams each!


From a backyard to a small operational headquarter we made our way to make our idea come true, we tested day by day on the field, following a dream.

 We built a testing machine, to keep progressing even when the weather was too bad to get out and test and to speed up the process… few minutes on this test bench could reproduce a day riding.

 We collected data and compared many different products and prototypes until we felt we made it, our first product was ready.

Registered office: 

Corso Giacomo Matteotti 42, 10121 Torino

VAT number 11657390016


Andrea Ricci


Riccardo Nicastro